Sunday, 26 October 2014

John Dalli – Bahamas Trips and Millions of US Dollars.

John Dalli’s Bahamas trips, the Singapore and Dubai connections. In July 2012 Dalli’s daughter Claire rented a very expensive ocean front villa in Nassau for US$8, 000 per month for a period of a year.

During the tenancy agreement the property was visited about four times for very short periods. The question that arises from this is why would John Dalli pay a total of US$96, 000 in rent for a property the other side of the world to use for a few days?    

The rent was to be paid by one of John Dalli’s companies, Tyre Ltd.

Examining the company profile of Tyre Ltd, as published on line, raises a lot of questions.

The company was established in 2010 trading in minerals and metallurgy.  So, this company was established the same year Dalli was appointed EU Commissioner on the 9 February 2010.

The main questions here are: Where did John Dalli acquire the science and technology for the purification of metals?

Also, where in Malta did he have the necessary plant for this process and where was he going to acquire the volume of material needed to turnover ten (US$10 million) to fifty (US$50 million) per annum?   

The company profile also states that it dealt in commodities like food, water, beef and canned food etc. for humanitarian relief.  Where was the warehousing needed to store this food stock? There is no record that the company owned or rented such facilities or that it ever performed such business.
The company profile also states that it employed 11 – 50 employees. Again there is no such record that the company had that number of employees.

This indicates that John Dalli had ulterior motives when he was appointed to the lucrative and influential position of EU Commissioner which he had described as a “four year jail sentence” despite the fact that he had the option not to accept the appointment.

Going back to the Bahamas trips, allegedly he and his daughter Louise visited Nassau in August 2012. They flew from London to Nassau using regular Maltese passports. He had a meeting with some Bahamian officials with the intention of setting up an off shore account. Allegedly the sums discussed were US$100 million. This was to be transferred from Dubai and then Chase Bank NYC. For some reason the transfer did not happen.

In early September 2012, while on EU business in Cyprus, Dalli rented a private jet and slipped away to Nassau with international fraudster Emma Corbin aka Mary Swan, Lady Bird etc. At the time he left the meeting claiming family reasons. 48 hours later he returned with his group to Malta via Iceland (EU entry point, no stop in USA, jet refuelled in Halifax, Nova Scotia). He did not stop to refuel in USA most probably because of complications with Emma Corbin’s passport. He must have known that his game was up later in September and was aware that he was being investigated by OLAF.

Who is Emma Corbin AKA Suzara Maling, Mary Swan, Lady Bird, Nina Petros, Myra Klein and possibly several other aliases? 
Emma Corbin is the woman with whom John Dalli was discussing a multi-billion-dollar project. She is an international fraudster, con artist and scammer called Eloise Marie Corbin, a US citizen who is unable to use her American passport and so moves about using a series of fake passports and aliases and the identity of a Filipina woman.
She entered Malta by private jet after being bailed from a Bangkok jail where she had been held for trying to enter Thailand using a false Philippines passport. She operates in Malta under the name Mary Swan, aka Lady Bird or LB, which is how the Dalli’s refer to her.
If John Dalli hasn’t been conned himself along with his younger and hence possibly much more gullible daughters, then what we are looking at here is a major money-laundering operation.
If he has been conned, there are two possible scenarios:
1. He was fooled into believing that this woman has access to huge sums of money when she does not;
2. She does have huge sums of money which she has defrauded out of others, and he has been conned into believing that they are genuinely earmarked for charitable operations.
What is sure is that John Dalli is no fool, he likes playing the victim and he has a history of dealing in influence. In fact during the time he was Minister he gained a reputation “the man to see” if you need anything irregular.
Let’s consider that it must have been either 1 or 2 because somebody as innocent and naive as John Dalli, a qualified accountant, former Minister of Finance (12 years) and EU Commissioner would have never thought for one moment that what he was dealing with was a money-laundering operation.
Perhaps he thought that Mary Swan really is who she says she is, even though this blog had relatively little trouble finding out  that she is a fraudster and also discovering that she is in fact a wanted person using several aliases and fake passports.
This raises the question why would an EU Commissioner, former Minister of Finance and a long time qualified accountant deal with an internationally blacklisted fraudster who moves about the globe using private jets, aliases and fake passports. The alarm bells ring very loud indeed.
Mary Swan has used all the aliases mentioned above and has been arrested using at least two of them: as Nina Petros when she pulled a scam in Cyprus in 1998 and ruined the then archbishop of Limassol, and as Suzara Maling when she tried using this false passport purportedly issued by The Philippines, where she had been living.
She was detained at Bangkok airport, Thailand, for using a fake passport, and kept at Samutprakran Central Prison. Chutthrathipya Monthonkan, the Thai who was one of the original directors of Tyre Ltd (company secretary – Claire Gauci Borda John Dalli’s eldest daughter) and who is still a director today, paid her bail and organised a private jet to fly her to Malta.
Now going back to the Bahamas property John Dalli’s daughter Claire failed to pay the rent. After threats of legal action against his daughter Claire through the Maltese courts by the Bahamas property owner, all the rent under contract was promptly paid in full in February 2013.
When his Bahamas trips became public knowledge, Dalli claimed that he had rented the villa and hired the private jet to conduct charity work for Africans. Everybody knows that Dalli is not famous for his charitable works. The name of the charity has never been revealed and neither has any charity come forward in his defence to back up his claims. Why would he spend so much of his own money on renting a property and hiring a private jet which must have cost overall more than US$250,000? And why would he bail out an international fraudster from a Thai jail? Also, for how long has he been doing business with this woman?
It is also strange that the international fraudster Emma Corbin aka Mary Swan, Lady Bird etc, who returned to Malta with Dalli, most probably using a false passport, was living in FLAT 4, 58 High Street, Sliema  has not been heard of any more. The question is why and who is protecting this international known criminal?

On the 6 July 2013 in an article published in the Malta Independent on Sunday quoted Dalli as saying this project was still being drawn up, and that information about it was very sensitive. But he insisted that the financing involved was far north (greater than) of the US$100 million mentioned by the IHT: the initiatives that have been prioritised would require billions of dollars”.
Mr Dalli revealed he was to set up sustainable economic projects in various sectors – he mentioned farming, mining, oil and energy as examples – in various African countries, which would create jobs and foster economic growth in the local community. The profits from these economic projects, he added, would be used to support other initiatives in education and health.
The prioritised projects alone, he said, would create 28,000 direct jobs and 115,000 indirect jobs, assist 13 million poor people and feed and educate seven million children. He said that at this stage, the countries of operation envisaged are Ethiopia, Nigeria and Ghana – the Niger Delta, an oil-rich region of southern Nigeria, was also included in the list of countries.
John Dalli really thinks big. As charity begins at home he should set up a charity to help Malta pay off the national debt
(CURRENTLY AT €5,854,510,697 ) that he had helped in contributing a large amount to during the years he was Finance Minister.

As usual, when John Dalli’s Bahamas trips and relationship with Emma Corbin etc., became public knowledge he went into overdrive claiming entrapment, set up, defamation, victimisation, conspiracy and a million other things. WHAT A PLONKER.

I still maintain that John Dalli is the most corrupt politician in Maltese history.